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God Has Given You a Word: Now Do It!

Are you asking God to heal you physically? Are you waiting on God to heal some part of your life? Sometimes God sends the help we need, but because it’s not what we expected, we shrug it off.

Here’s the deal: God often speaks to us through vessels that we consider beneath us. In 2 Kings 5, we read about Naaman. He was a strong and powerful man—the commander over the king of Aram’s entire army. He was someone who was used to being able to solve his own problems. But when he came down with leprosy, he encountered a problem he couldn’t solve. He was about to be cast out from his society permanently, and there was nothing he could do about it.

So God sent a little servant girl—someone he and his army had captured and enslaved—with an instruction for Naaman. She told him to go to Israel and find Elisha the prophet and he would be cured of his leprosy. He’s expecting Elisha to come out and heal him. He rides in with multiple horses and chariots and he even brings gifts with him.

But Elisha did not even come outside to greet him. Elisha stayed inside, but he sent a word out to Naaman. He told Naaman to go down to the Jordan and wash himself seven times and he would be healed. Naaman is first offended that Elisha didn’t even come outside. Then he’s upset that Elisha didn’t heal him in the manner he expected.

Last, he questions why he has to go to the muddy waters of the Jordan, wondering whether a cleaner river wouldn’t be better. The instruction makes no sense to him. Basically, he doesn’t like anything about this process. He thinks it’s beneath him, and it’s not what he expected. So he gets upset and he complains.

But you know what he did next? He obeyed the word, and he got completely healed. His flesh was made brand new, like that of a baby.

How many times do we want to hear from God, but then he sends a man or woman that we don’t want to listen to, and we refuse to receive the word? We want God to acknowledge our accomplishments, our status, or maybe our spiritual credentials. We want some honor, but the person God is using to minister to us seems to be somehow beneath us. That’s our pride getting in the way.

God can speak to a person through a donkey if He chooses. God wasn’t interested in Naaman’s title. God wasn’t impressed by his status or his past accomplishments. God wanted him to come down off his high horse and step out in radical faith.

There’s someone out there who needs to hear this. God has given you a word and a message. He wants you to receive that instruction and just do it. The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice. You may not feel like it. You might even have complained about it. But if you’ll go and do what God has told you to do, you’ll be healed. Your process will be complete, and your breakthrough will come.

Don’t hesitate.

Don’t question it.

Just do it.

About the Author

Rhoda Faye Diehl is a minister, a singer, and a prophetic voice. She is the author of The Jericho Fast: How to Break through Walls with Prayer and Fasting (click here to see the book on Amazon).

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