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Are you looking for a ghostwriter? You have a book in your heart, but you know you could use the help of a professional writer. You could be a ministry leader or a Christian business leader who is looking to break out of the 9 to 5 and become a motivational speaker, media personality, or leadership expert. Maybe you are a missionary who has amazing testimonies to share. Or maybe your life story is so compelling that it practically begs to be made into a book, and possibly even a movie.

Whatever your situation, if you are a Christian looking to write a non-fiction book, we want to help tell your story!

Chris McKinney

Chris McKinney is the founder and managing editor of Called Writers Christian Publishing. He is extremely passionate about ministering to people through the gift of writing. Chris is the author and co-author of several notable Christian books. His articles have been published by CBN, Crosswalk, Engage Magazine, and many other publications and websites. He was formerly the executive editor of GODSPEED Magazine, where he had the privilege of serving under David Aikman, a legendary Christian journalist and author. Chris has also been a featured guest on various Christian radio, internet, and television shows. Chris is available for ghostwriting and co-authoring Christian books.

Ghostwriting and Co-Authoring Christian Books

We will record Zoom sessions in which you tell your story or dictate your material to us orally. We will then take that raw material and turn it into a polished and professional book. We will perform any needed research and fact-checking along the way, and take the manuscript through a rigorous editing process to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. Your Christian book can then be published by Called Writers Christian Publishing or submitted to other publishers.

If you choose to work with Called Writers as your publisher, we can help spread your message through online ad campaigns, social media (click here to see an example), website traffic, and media opportunities (click here to see examples of Called Writers Christian Publishing authors and books in the media). If your story is compelling enough to be made into a movie, we can help get it in front of the right people. Click here for more details about our publishing house and the ways we help Christian authors succeed.

We have various Christian writers who can work within different budgets. Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in having us help tell your story!