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Spreading the Gospel at Pagan Festivals Through Dream Interpretation

Cindy McGill uses her gift of dream interpretation to share the love of Jesus with others at places like the Burning Man Festival. Cindy started interpreting dreams in the late 1990s, but at first she wasn’t quite sure what to do with the gift. However, she and her husband were sure that they were receiving God dreams because the messages were very clear. When they woke up in the morning, they felt an angelic presence in the room.  

“That was the beginning of a dream season for us that has continued even until now. When you interpret a God dream as you are listening to a person tell their dream, God is also speaking to you and giving you the understanding of the message.  I call it double listening—listening to the dreamer and listening to God at the same time.”

From pagan festivals, new age events, film festivals, adult entertainment arenas, gay pride events, gothic cultures, and just about any place people are starving for truth, Cindy and her teams are there. Cindy wants everyone everywhere to know and experience the love of Jesus.

Cindy’s team in action at the most recent Burning Man Festival

The process of divine dream interpretation is strategic, and it can be delicate when dealing with people who do not have an active relationship with God. Cindy explains, “Dreams will take you anywhere you need to go. In Joel 2:28, God tells us that people who do and do not know Him will be receiving God dreams . . . Dreams lower a bridge of communication and trust for the dreamer to feel comfortable telling us their dream and gaining direction, wisdom, and understanding that hits the mark, so to speak. Then we tell them where the dream came from. We have learned over the years that people are often God-hardened and if we say it came from God too soon, it creates a barrier. Then most often, they will not tell us their dream or value our attention.”

Communicating Jesus to the World 

Cindy has written in detail about the strategies and examples she uses to share the Gospel in her new book, Words that Work: A Language of Light for a World Living in Darkness.  

When asked how she got into serving and reaching others through this type of ministry, Cindy explained, “God had me on a 20-year learning curve to reformat my mindset and change my efforts to do what He was doing. Jesus said, ‘Follow Me, and I’ll make you fishers of men’  (Matthew 4:19). This tells us that we do not have the correct methods to communicate Jesus to people unless we follow His instructions . . . God reaches every person in a different way. There is no formula or outline we can follow if we want to bring people to the knowledge of Jesus. The Holy Spirit tells us what to say in that very moment and this helps us not only understand His ways but also develops our listening ability to hear Him better.”

Helping People Unlock Their Dreams

According to Cindy, she has helped many people unlock what their dreams mean. A correct dream interpretation is powerful and the dreamer knows when it is accurate. She repeats the dream back when she hears a dream being told to her. Then she breaks the dream down piece by piece giving the person the picture of the dream. This process is similar to placing puzzle pieces together to create a vision for them.  

Cindy’s Favorite Aspect of Dream Interpretation

Cindy’s favorite moment of dream interpretation is watching the face of the dreamer when the interpretation is accurate. She loves it when the “ah-ha” moment hits them and they begin to understand the dream.  

“When a dream is accurately communicated, the dreamer knows it’s correct. We don’t have to tell them. I also love hearing God give me insight into their dream and their life. It is often a life-changing experience for them.”

Cindy loves the calling God has placed in her life through dream interpretation. Cindy says she is called to this assignment and so she is motivated because of the call and gift that resides inside of her.  

“This is a self-discovery of being a partaker of a divine nature. You never have to take a break from what burns inside of you. It’s rewarding and fulfilling. Connecting with your God-given assignment is as normal as breathing. It is not hard to do what you love to do.”

Finding The Seekers

Cindy has had mostly casual conversations with people who are curious, yet afraid to know God. Then she asks them if they would like an encounter with the Spirit of Truth (who is Jesus). When they say yes, the Holy Spirit comes and they feel His presence.  

“Words are not needed when this happens. The Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to them and they see for themselves that God is good and loving and can be trusted. People are in the process of coming to the knowledge of God. We have to honor the process.”

After people have an encounter with the Holy Spirit, Cindy explains who Jesus is. She often gives them her own testimony of when she met Jesus in 1973. Then the person she is talking to can begin to understand what she is saying.  

“They ask me questions and I answer them. It works beautifully. We have conversations just like we do with God. “ 

Alexis Wohler