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Testimonials from Christian Authors:

“You are the third publisher I have worked with. As far as services to the writer, in my opinion, you are head and shoulders above the rest. I think you have a unique offering—a better mousetrap.”

—John Covington, author of Don’t Do Anything Stupid

“As first-time Christian authors, we knew what we wanted to communicate. But then there is everything else about the publishing process. Chris McKinney and his team at Called Writers brought everything together. We are now almost six months post-publication and our book has been ranked at or near the top in the category the entire time. We have got a great title, cover, and layout. And the marketing effort has been impressive. If you are a first-time Christian author, you should pitch your writing project to Called Writers.”

—Matthew Schwab, co-author of Speaking in Tongues

“My experience with Called Writers surpassed all my expectations. From the professional editing, formatting, and cover design, to the stellar author support and follow up, I truly feel that I could not have selected a better publisher. Most important to me were the many prayer times throughout the process. I highly recommend Called Writers Christian Publishing.”

—Jim Jenkins, author of From Rubble to Redemption

“What a relief to work with the team at Called Writers Christian Publishing! Chris and his team have been consummate professionals and have helped me sleep at night! The details and deadlines associated with a book project can be overwhelming. CWCP has allowed me to focus on my skill set. I hope this is the first of many projects we partner on.”

—Chip Lusko, General Manager of 90.9 Life FM and owner of Calvary Productions Fresh Media

“Chris McKinney and his team are incredible. They took every aspect of my book to the next level, including the design and front cover. I’m so thankful for them and all they have done for me. I highly recommend this company.”

—Rhoda Faye Diehl, author of The Jericho Fast

“This publishing company really helps authors to succeed. The owners are friendly and they work with the author to provide the best product. I have enjoyed my work with Called Christian Writers Publishing. They truly reflect the love and grace of the Lord Jesus.”

—Bishop Eric Lambert Jr., author of Cancel the Culture

“I highly recommend Chris as an editor and writing coach. He helped take my manuscript to a much higher standard than I thought I was able to reach.”

—Chris Lascelles, author of 2020 Vision for America

“Chris McKinney and his team are absolutely fantastic. They helped me through the editing process, formatted my book, and even helped me with the cover design. They were there every step of the way with encouragement, advice, and support. I would highly recommend them for all your publishing needs. Thank you again for all your help. Y’all are amazing!”

—Danyelle Toll, author of Jesus Fills My Cup

More Information About Our Christian Publishing House

Called Writers Christian Publishing was co-founded by a husband and wife team, Chris and Shannon McKinney.

Chris McKinney is the managing editor of Called Writers Christian Publishing. He has been writing professionally for many years, and began writing Christian ministry material in 2013. Chris is the author and co-author of several notable Christian books. His ministry articles have been published by CBN, Crosswalk, Engage Magazine, and many other publications and websites.

Chris was formerly the executive editor of GODSPEED Magazine, where he had the privilege of serving under David Aikman, a legendary Christian journalist and bestselling author. Chris also worked alongside Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist and bestselling author, and many other notable Christian ministers and writers. Chris has also been a featured guest on various Christian radio, internet, and television shows. He is available to ghostwrite or co-author books.

Shannon McKinney is the relationship builder for Called Writers Christian Publishing. After a long and successful career in retail management and staffing company management, she heard the call of God to join Chris full-time in the publishing house. Shannon also beautifully crafts Christian book interior designs for Christian authors.

How We Help Christian Authors

As Christian book publishers, we come alongside authors to partner with them in the production, marketing, and promotion of their books. For us, this is a spiritual partnership as much as it is professional.

Our authors never feel alone as we advise them, mentor them, and coach them throughout their book launch and afterward. We also provide ongoing prayer support for our authors.

Media Opportunities

Our authors have been featured by The Christian Post, The New York Times, In the Market with Janet Parshall, Charisma Magazine, AL.com, CBN, The Cornerstone Network, The Power Hour with Pat Williams radio show, JubileeCast, Christian Television Network, TCT Network, Cornerstone Television Network, World Christian News, and many other media outlets! Please see this page for specific examples of Called Writers Christian Publishing authors in the media.

God has blessed us with opportunities to connect Christian authors with media contacts who can help them spread their message. We also work closely with several Christian PR firms that represent well-known, bestselling authors. We have a very good relationship with them. These firms trust our work and are generally happy to take on our authors, whether they are well-known, completely unknown, or anything in between.

Social Media

We reach significant audiences and have sold quite a few books through social media. See below for some examples and information:

Online Ad Campaigns and Website Traffic

Our website traffic has grown rapidly – 122.8K views from 92.6K visitors so far in 2021!

God has blessed us with the capability to execute online marketing strategies that get proven results. We run profitable advertising campaigns for our books, and our website is averaging over 11,000 page views per month in 2021. It is coming up on the first page or even number one for relevant Google searches. We thank and praise God for this.

Is Your Story Powerful Enough to be Made into a Movie?

Recently, a very well-known Christian movie director told us that he is open to working with us, and that he is always looking for “great stories and writers that we can make into a movie or TV show.” We maintain contact with him and are happy to send him anything we think is compelling enough for his consideration. We also recently had a very positive meeting with executives at a major, well-established movie production and entertainment company. They outlined exactly what kind of stories they are looking for and expressed a desire for us to bring them any faith-based and inspirational books which fit their criteria for being made into movies or TV shows. So we have a good connection there as well. Again, it’s all God’s favor. He continues to open doors for us, and we are very grateful!

Extending Your Influence

In whatever ways God gives us, we work with Christian authors to help them build their platform and reach. Our marketing efforts are designed to help Christian authors reach people who are outside of their existing circle of influence.

Marketing and promotion are by far the biggest challenges that most authors face. So this is a significant advantage to our approach.

It’s All About Good Ministry Fruit

God continues to make connections, open doors, and give us new ways and channels for promoting Christian authors. This enables our authors to get their message out and fulfill the calling God has for them.

God is using Called Writers to help build people’s ministries, and there is good ministry fruit for our labor. People are receiving spiritual gifts. People are getting breakthroughs, healing, encouragement, deliverance, and biblical teaching.

New ministries and even new churches have been created as a result of the work God has done through Called Writers. For example, one of our authors started a new ministry and even got her own Christian TV show shortly after her book came out. She began doing promotional interviews, her book began reaching people daily through our marketing campaigns, and everything started opening up for her. God gets all the credit.

Another of our authors is using his book to generate new business for his company, which is also a ministry for him. He is an organizational leadership expert, but God has called him to tackle the topic of prejudice and injustice. God is working through his book and his company to take territory in people’s hearts—territory that was previously held by spirits of racism.

Another man left his long time secular career and started a new church after receiving words of knowledge and prophetic encouragement that the Holy Spirit gave through Chris McKinney. This happened during Chris’s promotional efforts for the Speaking in Tongues book.

We get tons of testimonies from people who were inspired or encouraged by our books, or who just plain enjoyed reading them. But most importantly, God has saved people’s souls through this ministry! We give God all the glory for these things. Only He can produce good fruit.

Are you ready to see more good ministry fruit from your labor?

Get Your Christian Book Published!

When it becomes clear to us that an author has a unique and compelling message from the Lord, we get very interested as publishers.

Our selection of who to publish is on a case-by-case basis. There is no exact formula we follow. We prayerfully evaluate each manuscript and author.

Helping Christian authors is a divine calling for us. If you are considering various Christian book publishers, please contact us today. Just tell us a little about yourself and your book, and let us know how we might be able to help you achieve your publishing dreams!

Freelance Services We Provide for Christian Authors

We are not a self-publishing company, but we provide many freelance services to Christian authors who are looking to self-publish, as well as authors that we publish. Here are some quick overviews of the services we provide.

Christian Book Editing

We provide excellent content and developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading to Christian authors. Our pricing is based on word count. Please click here for more information about our Christian book editing services.

Christian Book Formatting

Called Writers can provide beautiful and professionally-crafted interior formatting and designs for your Christian book for as low as $600. Our service includes print book and eBook files that are tailored to various publishing platforms (KDP, Nook, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo), all for one low cost. Please click here for more information about our Christian book formatting services.

Christian Book Cover Design

If you need an eye-catching book cover design, we’re here to help! Our flawlessly executed cover designs come with print and eBook files that are ready for major publishing platforms. Please click here for more information about our Christian book cover designs.

Different Types of Christian Book Publishers:

When considering various Christian book publishers, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is the business model. Christian authors who have little or no existing platform have historically been limited to self-publishing.

Self-publishing companies allow you to pay upfront for various services (editing, design, etc.) that will improve the quality and presentation of your book. You typically keep all of your royalties, but the downside is that there is often little or no real marketing help. A paid self-publishing business model is not designed to profit from sales of your book, so they have no incentive to provide ongoing support in that area. There’s nothing inherently wrong with a paid self-publishing business model, and there are good Christian companies who currently fill the niche.

Then there are the traditional publishers. Traditional publishers do not charge for services like editing, design, and marketing. Their business model is set up primarily to earn profits from book sales. But they typically only work with authors who have large platforms and followings. It can be a very long and difficult process to get a deal with a traditional publisher if you do not already have a large following.

Like most publishers, we are able to offer traditional publishing deals to authors who are well-known or have a large platform.

Hybrid publishers fall somewhere between the self-publishing and traditional publishing business models. Hybrid publishers charge upfront for services like editing and design. But since they also split royalties with the author, they have an incentive to help market each book they publish. Hybrid publishers are incentivized to help ensure each author’s success in getting their message out. This is the primary area that God has called us to fill.

NOTE: Called Writers Christian Publishing, LLC is a Christian organization with a Christ-centered, Gospel-driven mission. For that reason, we are only able to work with Christian authors whose fundamental beliefs, teachings, and messages are in line with what we consider to be biblical teaching on the essentials of the Christian faith.