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God Will Solve Your Problem

I recently saw a Twitter screenshot being passed around the internet. The original Tweet said, “Money won’t solve your problems.”

A young man responded saying, “I’m sorry, I mean no disrespect, but money would literally solve every single one of my problems. I do not have a single problem that money would not immediately solve.”

I laughed. I know exactly how the young man feels. It always seems like there is something or someone who can solve our problem—something or someone besides God. But that’s only an illusion.

Take the young man, for example. He might have bills, debts, child support, court costs, etc. Maybe he will end up in bankruptcy or even jail if he doesn’t come up with some money quickly. Those are real, serious, and pressing problems. And money would seem to be a solution to those immediate needs.

But what happens when more bills come due, he runs up more debts, gets behind on child support again, or gets more traffic tickets. He’ll need more money. And where will that come from?

It won’t come from the previous money that “solved” his problems for him.

The point is, God is the answer to all of life’s issues, pains, struggles, and problems. And He wants to give us real solutions.

In the case of money, if He can get us to stop making money into an idol, start putting Him first in our finances, and practicing good stewardship, we will tap into His constant, steady, and always reliable provision. Our “money problem” will be solved, because we’ll be looking to God. He owns everything in existence and can also create more at any time. His well never runs dry.

So money isn’t the answer to money problems. God as Provider is the answer.

Let’s take another example of people looking down on you, disrespecting you, acting like you’re beneath them, or otherwise treating you with contempt. In this kind of situation, you may think some level of success would solve your problem.

Success—just like increase, income, and profits—is a good thing when it’s a blessing from God. But when we make it into an idol by giving it a godlike status in our minds and hearts—when we look to success to do what only God can do—it will disappoint and frustrate us every time.

Only God can change what is in a person’s heart toward you. Money and success will not cause a person to truly respect you. If they treat you differently after you have success, it’s because those people respect success—not because they respect you.

The truth is, when someone else has a problem in their heart toward you, and then you become successful, they may treat you differently because they think you can now benefit them. But they still don’t have anything good in their heart toward you. If anything, they will now struggle with feelings of jealousy and competitiveness toward you, even while flattering you to your face.

Only God can truly heal people and relationships. Success can’t do that. Money can’t do that.

If He so chooses, God may work through your success to humble another person, and to change what’s in their heart. But it’s still Him doing the heart surgery. It’s not success that solves the problem.

1 John 5:21 (NIV) tells us, “Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.”

Psalm 81:13-14 (NIV) tells us what God’s response will be when we do this:

“If my people would only listen to me, if Israel would only follow my ways, how quickly I would subdue their enemies and turn my hand against their foes!”

Last, recognize that all the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus Christ. We have the right, as fully adopted sons and heirs to God’s promises, to claim every single promise in Scripture.

So, I encourage you. Resolve to turn away from looking to anything or anyone else to solve your problem. Ask God to remove any idolatry from your heart. Ask Him for help to do things His way. Look to Him alone as your answer.

He is eager to solve your problem for you, and He will do it quickly!

Chris McKinney