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Are you looking to hire a Christian book editor?

Has God given you a message to share? Do you feel called to help others through a book?

Our Christian editors are called, gifted, and anointed to help you reach the people God wants to reach. To achieve that goal, your manuscript needs to be of the highest possible quality.

Whether your next step is to contact literary agents, submit your manuscript to publishers, or to self-publish, our editing services will help you move forward with confidence.

Free evaluations are available, and many potential clients find those quite useful. See below for details.

Our editing rates are also listed below.

Meet Our Christian Book Editors:

Chris McKinney is the founder and managing editor of Called Writers Christian Publishing. He was formerly the executive editor of GODSPEED Magazine, where he had the pleasure of serving editor-in-chief David Aikman, a legendary Christian journalist and bestselling author. Chris has been writing professionally for many years, and started writing Christian ministry material in 2013.

Chris has written and edited for several ministry organizations including the Foundry and Church of the Highlands, which is the second-largest church in America. He has worked on many contract writing, editing, and proofreading projects for individuals as well as organizations like Highlands College.

In addition to GODSPEED Magazine, Chris’s ministry articles have been featured by Crosswalk, Engage Magazine, and several other publications and websites. His business writing and articles have been featured in annual reports of Fortune 500 companies, as well as places like He has been a featured guest on various Christian radio, internet, and television shows.

Chris is incredibly passionate about working with Christian authors to help them succeed in their mission.

Kathie Scriven has edited over 70 Christian books since 1990. The first book she ever edited, Let My People Go by Tom Hess, now has over 1,000,000 copies in print (either sold directly or distributed by various ministries). Kathie has edited other books that have sold in the hundreds of thousands, such as Walt Straughn’s book, By Jesus’ 39 Stripes We Were Healed. She has edited countless shorter projects including booklets, tracts, grant applications, business plans, biographical sketches, and promotional and marketing materials for individuals, businesses, publishing companies, and ministries.

Before freelancing, Kathie also worked for many years as an editor and writer for several publications including two regional Christian newspapers in the Washington, DC, area. As a writer, she specialized in topics related to prayer, achievement, and health. Kathie adores helping people turn drafts of their writing into finished products of excellence that they are then ready to publish, market, or distribute as they desire.

Dyane Forde is author of the Rise of the Papilion Christian fiction trilogy, founder of the Lost Pen Magazine, and a highly active, engaged, and professional freelance writer and editor.

Her love of writing began with an early interest in reading and in words in general. Dyane’s quirky short stories, poems, and flash fiction, and her heartfelt articles and devotionals can be found on various blogs, websites, anthologies, and digital and print publications.

Dyane loves to help authors produce clear, correct, and meaningful writing which ensures their books connect with their readers. She strives to create an efficient and productive working relationship rooted in open communication and professionalism.


Developmental editing = 6 cents per word

Copy editing = 3 cents per word

Proofreading = 2 cents per word

Best value = 9 cents per word when you purchase all three together

What You Get:

Developmental editing (also known as structural or content editing) provides a full comprehensive review of every major aspect of your manuscript including organization and structure, logical flow, consistency, idea development, intended audience considerations, and proper citations.

For example, with non-fiction books, we often find that clients come to us with a wonderful collection of ideas, teachings, illustrations, and testimonies in their manuscript. However, the collection is often loosely organized, doesn’t follow a logical progression, or isn’t packaged in such a way as to make for an enjoyable, effective, and optimal reader experience.

For fiction books, themes, character design, worldbuilding, plot, and other relevant factors will be evaluated. Our fiction editors can help tweak character development, offer suggestions for fixing plot holes or unclear themes, and show you how to resolve climaxes that are currently falling flat.

Even bestselling authors need another set of skilled and experienced eyes on their manuscript. We all need help organizing and presenting our material so that readers can easily understand, absorb, retain, and enjoy it.

The end result of a strong developmental editing process is greater spiritual growth, encouragement, enjoyment, and blessings for readers. Our developmental editing will ensure that your book is tightly packaged with an effective presentation to maximize the impact you can have for God’s Kingdom!

Copy editing (also known as line editing) provides a line by line review of the wording and flow of your manuscript. After our copy editing, your book will be coherent, concise, and clear.

Clarity is perhaps the most important aspect of copy editing. Most writers know exactly what they mean to say, but struggle to produce writing that most readers will immediately understand. Many fiction authors have highly creative and sometimes abstract ideas, but struggle to express them clearly.

Called Writers’ editors are highly skilled at making your writing easy to read and understand, while also keeping it enjoyable, interesting, and powerful.

Proofreading provides a final review of your document before submitting for publication or printing. This is a relatively quick read of the document in which the well-trained proofreader checks for any form of error such as wrong or out of place words, typos, or other spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

Often, the vast majority of spelling, grammar, and other such errors are caught during developmental and copy editing, but since mistakes can creep in at any point during your revision process, a final proofread is needed to ensure your document is error-free.

Best Value: Our package deal includes developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

Free Evaluations

Called Writers Christian Publishing will provide a free professional evaluation of your introduction or preface along with one sample chapter. This evaluation will take into account the plans and goals you have for your book. Whether your next step is to contact literary agents, submit your manuscript to publishers, or to self-publish, our professional evaluations can be quite useful. They are designed to help you understand where we believe you are now, some good next steps, and how we might be able to help. Let’s find out if there’s a good fit!

Just fill out the contact form below, and we will be in touch!



*Please note that the editing rates advertised above are our standard rates for books in the range of 10,000 – 50,000 words. We have minimum charges for various services. Also, some situations are unique and require custom quotes. We take a “win-win” approach to business. Our goal is always to find solutions that benefit everyone involved.

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