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Called Writers is a Christian Publisher. Our mission is to provide excellent Christian reading material to the world for the purpose of spreading the gospel and building up the body of Christ.


Called Writers Christian Publishing achieves its mission in two primary ways: 1) Called Writers provides freelance services to Christian authors. We have passionate, gifted, and anointed freelance Christian book editors available for hire. Called Writers can also do your book cover design or interior book formatting. 2) Called Writers publishes select Christian authors who have a unique and compelling message. In so doing, the ministry helps create and launch new ministries, or propel existing ministries forward.


1) To provide more opportunities and better opportunities for Christian writers. 2) To build up the body of Christ and reach the lost through the written word. 3) To generate excess financial resources for God’s kingdom.

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” – Isaiah 52:7

Our Story

Some years back, Chris McKinney was searching for how he fit into the Body of Christ. Chris earnestly sought the Lord to lead him into his calling. Every so often, Chris would get a word from the Lord: “I am going to build you a house.”

Chris just thought God was telling him that He would one day give him a thriving business or ministry. Years went by, and those things remained out of reach. Eventually, Chris pretty much forgot about this word.

But God did show Chris that His primary gifting and calling was to write, edit, and publish Christian material. Chris felt led to start a publishing company with a mission to publish Christian books. The first two books encouraged and blessed some people, but commercially and financially, the publishing company did not have success. Chris wondered how he could ever keep going.

Around April of 2019, Chris asked the Lord if he should just drop the book publishing and focus on his work as a Christian magazine editor. The Lord gave him that word again: “I am going to build you a house.” This time, Chris immediately knew that the Lord meant “publishing house.” That’s what He had meant the whole time.

The Lord has now given us success and good ministry fruit. Our website is getting roughly 12,000 page views per month. We have publicity and media opportunities available for our Christian authors. God has blessed us to be able to create profitable online marketing campaigns for our books.

God continues to make connections, open doors, and give us new ways and channels for promoting Christian authors. This enables our authors to get their message out and fulfill the calling God has for them. God is using Called Writers to help build people’s ministries, and there is good ministry fruit for our labor. People are receiving spiritual gifts. People are getting breakthroughs, healing, encouragement, deliverance, and biblical teaching. New ministries and even new churches have been created as a result of the work God has done through Called Writers.

Most importantly, God has worked through us to save lost souls. We have been privileged to lead people to the Lord through something we wrote, and also through people using something we wrote.

Step by step, the Lord has built this house. And He will continue to build it. To God be the glory!

Here is a video testimony from October of 2020 that tells more about how God built our Christian publishing house:

NOTE: Called Writers Christian Publishing, LLC is a Christian organization with a Christ-centered, Gospel-driven mission. For that reason, we are only able to work with Christian authors whose fundamental beliefs, teachings, and messages are in line with what we consider to be biblical teaching on the essentials of the Christian faith.