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Modeling To Share The Love of Jesus

At the age of 29, Amy Joob felt God calling her to go into modeling. Even though she was much older than the average person looking to enter the profession, she believed that God would make a way for her. So Amy left her comfortable, steady, full-time job managing the Teen Center to pursue a career in modeling. In many ways, it was a leap of faith.

A Road Marked with Challenges

Modeling did not pay the bills at first. Amy had to work side jobs in the beginning, at the YMCA or cleaning houses. But about 18 months into her pursuit of modeling as a career, things began to break open for her. Amy landed contracts with Porsche Cars North America and Met-Rx Sports Nutrition. Those jobs helped provide steady income while she pursued other modeling and acting jobs.

Amy (right) on a modeling job for Pure Protein

During our interview with Amy, she recalled those difficult days. “It was really challenging in the beginning. I felt called by God to do this, but it still didn’t happen overnight. I knew that I could not doubt in the dark what God told me in the light.”

Though her start was slow, Amy had to keep moving forward in her purpose until she saw God bring the dream to pass.

Finances were not the only type of challenge Amy faced. She also had a prominent birthmark on her face, and this caused her to be self-conscious. Amy credits God with helping her overcome her insecurities and have enough confidence to do the work. But she also had to remind herself that it was okay that she was not physically perfect. She knew God would give her favor in the modeling industry.

“When we are weak, He is strong,” Amy explained.

What It Was Like to Be a Christian Model

Amy’s faith in God didn’t falter even when she faced opposition. She recalls praying earnestly on her way to jobs. She also sought to give God glory, and she looked for opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people in the industry—sometimes with words and other times with actions. Before long, Amy began to view the modeling and entertainment industries as her mission field, helping as many people as she could along the way.

“I prayed a lot for divine appointments and opportunities to share the love of God with people in the modeling and acting industry. I worked at building relationships with various people—models, actors, photographers, make-up artists, the Porsche Team, the Met-Rx Team—pretty much anyone I got to be around on a regular basis. Sometimes living out my faith just meant showing positive, loving attitudes and actions.”

Sharing The Love of Jesus in The Modeling Industry

Amy knew that she had to be careful and intentional about sharing the love of Jesus with others in the modeling industry. She had to display integrity, of course, but she also learned about earning the right to speak into someone’s life. The timing had to be right.

Amy recalls, “At times I was like an evangelist in the industry. At other times I was like a pastor or a chaplin. I would often be asked, ‘How did you meet your husband?’ or, ‘How do you handle traveling and a busy schedule when you have a husband and daughter at home?’ Those kinds of questions gave me an opportunity to share my faith, my story—my testimony. My husband and I met at church and we both lived a crazy lifestyle before committing our lives to Jesus. So I could talk about a relationship with Jesus versus religion, and I could share how He had powerfully transformed our lives.

“I also got to share things about my routine that involved my faith. For example, I incorporated exercise, Bible reading, and prayer while I traveled to stay grounded. That routine helped me stay strong in my faith and in my commitment to my family. So I would use that testimony to encourage others. I was also vulnerable and real with people, sharing how I was challenged and tempted at times.”

Amy relied on two accountability partners that she could call or text anytime for prayer.

“My husband Eric was very supportive of my career and if he hadn’t been, I don’t think I would have done it. My priorities were God, Eric, family, and then work,” says Amy.

Dealing With Job Pressure and Burnout

One time, Amy was in Denver working an event for Porsche. She was dealing with some health issues and was also feeling burned out from traveling. A co-worker asked if she wanted to hang out together after the event. She wanted to pick Amy’s brain a little. “Amy, I want to know how you do it,” her co-worker explained. She continued, “How do you stay so positive and strong when you are away from home, husband, and family? What gives you energy and keeps you positive?”

Amy (right) on a modeling job for Fujifilm

Amy recalls that all she wanted to do was go back to her hotel room and sleep. But she felt God leading her to spend time with her co-worker.

“So we sat down together at a hotel bar and three of us on the team chatted together. I had an opportunity to share my testimony with her. I shared how Jesus saved me out of drunkenness and an abusive past. He helped me to forgive and find hope and healing. I had these opportunities throughout my career and it made my work so much more fulfilling!”

Modeling Opens Unlikely Doors to Share God’s Love

Amy mainly did modeling jobs like print work, informal modeling, and events. She did, however, get a chance to do some acting on TV shows as well as commercials.

Amy appears on a Fox affiliate news show

Some people might struggle to understand the ways God worked through Amy’s career. After all, God put her in some very surprising places at times. In one notable instance, Amy was actually cast in the role of “escort” for the Godfather, a WWE wrestler who dressed and acted like a pimp while he was in character. Some might have turned down that type of job, but Amy viewed it as another opportunity to carry Jesus into her mission field.

She recalls, “I did an episode of WWE Heat that aired on MTV. My role was to escort the Godfather out to the ring. There were quite a few other models in that same role. As we waited in the green room, the other girls were getting ready to drink a little so that they could feel relaxed. I told the other girls I didn’t want to drink before the job so that I could be fully aware of everything happening. Then they decided not to drink either. After that, the Godfather started to share with us how wrestling had saved his life, and I was able to share some of my testimony before we got called out into the ring.”

Another exciting experience was when Amy was a featured extra on the What About Joan? show with Joan Cusack.

“I got a recurring role as the bartender’s assistant. My role was growing and then they canceled the show! Other extras and actors asked how I got the job. I told them I had been praying with a friend and I really believed it was the favor of the Lord! I always tried to look for opportunities to give God the credit and glory for what He was doing in my life.”

Amy Writes a Book about Her Experience in Modeling

Amy’s first book, Model Behavior: Make Your Career Path Your Calling is a book she wrote about what it was like to be a Christian in the modeling and entertainment industries.

Amy with her husband, Eric, promoting her book.

“I really felt God called me into the modeling industry, and I wanted to share His love and my faith in Jesus with others in the industry. So I wrote my book to inspire people who are called to the arts and entertainment,” says Amy.

Because her career path was so unique and entrepreneurial in many ways, Amy also hopes that her book will inspire anyone who has a vision to start their own business or nonprofit.

“Maybe they don’t see a clearly marked path. I want to encourage my readers to blaze a new trail and to know with God’s help they can see their vision come to pass,” says Amy.

Living Out Your Faith

Living a life of faith, to Amy, means being intentional.

“I think your faith should be evident in your love for others. Your faith should be displayed through your choices and actions as you fulfill the purpose God has for you. I think that when you live out your faith, it will show,” Amy says.

“Your love for God will compel you to take action steps to help others. You will make a difference in people’s lives, in your family, church, and community. As you step out in His love and in faith, you will fulfill your purpose. You will help others to fulfill the purpose God has for them too.”

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Alexis Wohler