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Calling All Writers!

What if God has called you to write, but you didn’t even know it?

If you enjoy writing, keep a spiritual journal, and have a desire to share what you learn with others, these are signs you are gifted and called to write for the Lord.


Writing is a talent we use to administer our spiritual gifts. Through writing, we can teach and encourage. We can lead. We could even give words of wisdom, words of knowledge, and help others through writing.

This 13-week small group curriculum is designed to help Christian writers discover, develop, and make full use of their gifts.

This is a lighthearted, easy to follow, step by step small group curriculum. No previous writing experience is required. Experienced writers can use this curriculum to help others develop their gifts. Writers at all levels will find this curriculum extremely beneficial and fun. This book can be life-changing for anyone who earnestly follows its simple instructions.

Invest your talents in the kingdom! Get started today!

Calling All Writers! A Small Group Curriculum For Christian Writers is now available on Amazon!

Note From The Author

Hi, Chris McKinney here. God gave me an amazing writing experience several years ago. Through that experience, God revealed to me what I was put on this planet to do—write for Him!

I had already been writing personally and professionally for years. But, I still thought of writing as just one of many things I do.

Then, I was hired to write full-time for a new startup ministry. I worked with an editor and a team of Christian writers during an intensive three-month experience. Through that process, God showed me that His primary gifting and calling on my life was to write as a way to minister to others.

He also used the experience to develop my gift. I asked for His anointing on my writing, and He supplied it. As I was faithful with everything He gave me, He continued to increase the gift.

When that job ended, I asked God what was next. The answer hit me like a lightning bolt. The process of discovering, developing, and increasing the gift of writing could be replicated for others! That’s how the Calling All Writers! small group curriculum was born.

Working with a preliminary manuscript of the curriculum, I began immediately leading a small group of writers at my church. That is how the website was born. Before Called Writers became a publishing ministry, it was a group blog.

My life has been changed by going through this experience with other writers. If you’re looking for a life-changing writing experience, buy this book!

If the book has a positive impact on your life, would you please go back to Amazon and leave a review?

I am also here to support you and your small group in any way I possibly can. God has given me a heart for developing and supporting other Christian writers.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you in Jesus’ name, amen!