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Lesson 6: Hooking Potential Readers

To succeed as an author, you’re going to have to think as a businessperson. You may not want to think of yourself that way, but your book is a product. You are selling a product. That means you have to find customers who want to buy your product. That means you are a businessperson.

If you ask most people what are the primary marketing tools of an author, what do you think they would say?

Social media.

Speaking engagements.

Media appearances.

Those things can work well for some, but they are not the most important marketing tools an author has.

Your book title, subtitle, cover, back cover copy and/or product page description, endorsements, foreword, introduction, and first chapter are all marketing tools. Think of them like your sales presentation.

What does a good salesperson do?

There are lots of different things that lead to success in sales. Here are a few key points:

  1. They put your concerns at ease. They make you feel comfortable.
  2. They seem to genuinely have your best interest at heart.
  3. They identify key issues that are important to you.
  4. They clearly explain how they will help you address those issues.

To summarize those last two points: they identify a problem you have and then convince you that they have the solution. Sometimes, a highly skilled salesperson will identify a problem you didn’t even know you had, and then convince you of your need for a solution.

So how do you do that using your marketing tools as an author? One of the most effective ways is…

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