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Lesson 4: Writing and Editing

Let’s say there are two homebuilders in your town, Tim and Scott. Both are great Christian guys, really just wonderful people. They both work very hard. Tim is more gifted than Scott at carpentry. He just naturally understands the way a house is framed, and he can get through the framing very quickly with little or no trouble. He barely even looks at blueprints.

Scott, on the other hand, has to work very hard and getting the framing correct. He really has to study the blueprints each time before he sets out on the next wall, or the next level. He sometimes gets his framing wrong, but when he does, he’ll tear down a wall and start all over. He always gets it right before moving to the next step.

After the framing is done, Tim has very little interest in the rest of the process of completing a home. After all, he’s not very good at picking out colors, paints, brick styles, shingles, molding, cabinets, and so on. He just doesn’t have an eye for those things. Framing is really all he cares about.

Worse yet, Tim doesn’t feel like he has the money to pay someone who is really good at all of those other things. So he just kind of slaps everything together and hopes for the best. The end result is an awkward combination of colors and styles that a few people can live with, but that do not appeal to the vast majority of people.

Scott is meticulous about every detail of the homes he builds. He leaves nothing to chance. He studies the latest styles and trends. He consults with local real estate agents about what the vast majority of people are buying right now. He recognizes his weaknesses too. He’s not very good at picking out things like faucets, light fixtures, and other finishing touches of a home. So he pays someone who is very good at those things to do that part for him.

The end result is that Scott builds houses which appeal to the vast majority of homebuyers that are actively seeking a home in his market today.

Which one of these men is the better homebuilder?

You could argue that Tim is the better carpenter, but he is not the better homebuilder.

In the same way, you can be a really good writer, but a terrible author…

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