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Lesson 3: Declaring God’s Word

Just like with prayer, everything else I’m going to teach you in this course needs to be covered with faith in God’s Word. One major way that we partner with God in faith is to declare His Word over our lives and our situations.

Another term that people use is the term “decree.” I actually like that term better because it evokes a king handing down a word that has the effect of law. And it’s actually a biblical term. The NIV Bible contains the word “decree” 204 times!

This is a very important biblical term, yet very few people have ever heard it mentioned in church. I know I used to just fly right past it when reading the Bible. It may have caused me to picture some guy in a funny outfit blowing a horn and then reading from a scroll—I’m not sure. But I know I didn’t put very much thought into the word until 2020.

That year, God sort of put the concept in front of my face. And I kept thinking on it. I kept pondering the concept. Then one day it hit me: A decree has the full force of law, but it’s not doing a thing unless the messengers carry it out into the kingdom!

We are God’s messengers! We are His hands and feet. We are His soldiers—actually, I believe we are His generals. He gives us authority over supernatural beings! Think about that!

Jesus actually said that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His church. Wow. He said He had given us authority over all the power of the enemy. What a big responsibility!

So what are we to do? Well, just like the messengers, servants, soldiers, and law enforcement officials of a king in ancient times, we serve a King. The King. And we are his enforcers. He has made many decrees in His Word, and it’s our job to take that Word out into the atmosphere as we advance His Kingdom.

Decreeing God’s Word is a way to partner your faith. You’re basically declaring, “No, what I see right now is not what’s true. God’s Word is true.” You’re exercising your faith. Let me give you an example…

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