Called Writers

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Lesson 1: Prayer Covering

When I began attending Church of the Highlands—the second largest church in America—one of the first things I noticed was how seriously they took prayer. This is a thriving ministry that fulfills all the major aspects of a new testament church and sees tons of good ministry fruit. I think one of the major reasons for that success is they don’t do anything without making sure it is bathed in prayer.

Prayer is a way that we humble ourselves and acknowledge that apart from Jesus, we can accomplish absolutely nothing. Having that deep down in our spirit is the best way to start this journey. I suspect that most of you are already there. You’ve experienced enough failure that life has humbled you.

The wild thing is that many of us who are called to write were successful at other things in life. We could excel academically. We could do well at raising our families. Maybe some of us were gifted athletically, or musically. We’ve had some success in life.

So when we step out to pursue writing, we experience something we’re not used to experiencing—complete and total rejection and failure. It’s painful. But it doesn’t have to end that way…

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