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Looking for information on how to market books? Author and publisher Chris McKinney teaches how to market your book without a platform!

Are you a Christian author struggling to sell books? You’ve heard all the advice: start a blog, build an email list, and get active on social media. How’s that working out for you? If you’re like me, none of those things have gotten you very good results. But the good news is, you don’t need those things to sell books!


I started with almost nothing. No platform. No email list. Almost no influence. In fact, after launching my first book, I found that I had very few people who supported me in any way at all. Most of them wouldn’t even bother to like a social media post, much less buy my book. And leaving a review on Amazon? Forget about it.

So I struggled through all of those painful times, and I learned many lessons. Today, our books sell all day, every day. We get lots of great reviews and ratings. Most importantly, we get lots of great testimonies about how God is using our books to work in people’s lives.

And praise God, we earn good profits on our book sales!


If you’re interested to learn a much easier, much more effective method of spreading your God-given message through books, you’re in the right place!

This method does not involve touring the country doing speaking engagements. There will be no awkward, boring, disappointing book signings. No Christian author display tables where you sit awkwardly while almost no one buys your book. It’s time to put those days behind you and use an intelligent system to reach people with your book.

This is something you can do. It does take work. It takes a little money ($25-50) to set up your first marketing campaigns. But more than anything else, it requires you to earnestly seek the Lord and persevere so that you can be successful in the calling God has on your life.


In this 8 lesson eCourse, I’m going to show you how to get there.

Many Christian writers are already doing the part where they persevere. They’re out there faithfully pursuing God’s calling, making sacrifices, and doing their best. You know, one definition of passion is “the willingness to suffer for a cause.”

For years, I had described myself as being passionate about Christian writing, or writing as a ministry. I had always understood passion to be just extraordinary interest and excitement about a particular pursuit. But the first time I heard this other definition—the one about suffering—it immediately resonated with me. I recognized the truth that I had indeed been willing to suffer for the cause of Christian writing.

Some of you out there have consistently shown that you’re willing to suffer as you pursue the calling God has on your life.

In fact, seeing so many Christian writers suffer through rejection and failure was really the major impetus for me to start a publishing company. I wanted to help Christian authors. And we have helped many directly. But I’ve recently sought the Lord for ways to help more Christian authors—especially the ones who do not have a huge budget, and have not been successful through these other common methods of marketing books. If you’ve struggled through book shows, blogging, attempts at building social media influence, email lists, and so on—and you’re tired of the suffering, rejection, and failure those things have brought into your life—your suffering is over.

This is an answer that can work for you.

Join me, and I’ll show you a much better way.


Lesson 1: Prayer Covering

Lesson 2: Fasting

Lesson 3: Declaring God’s Word

Lesson 4: Writing and Editing (clarity, compelling content, & captivating your audience in the introduction and opening chapter)

Lesson 5: Presenting Your Book to the Reading Public (chapter names, cover design, interior formatting, & author bio)

Lesson 6: Hooking Potential Readers

Lesson 7: Understanding Amazon (keywords, book description, categories, pricing your book, getting reviews on Amazon, & building successful advertising campaigns)

Lesson 8: Search Engine Traffic and Google Ads (finding the right keywords, SEO for your landing page, tailoring your ad language to be successful, & setting up your Google ads)



PRICE SPECIAL: Similar courses sell online for $299-799, but not everyone can afford that much. We wanted to give everyone a chance to be able to take advantage of this course, so right now, we are allowing you to pick how much you want to pay. Just click the enroll button below and put in whatever price you would like to pay for the course. The price will default to $99 but you can change it to whatever you want. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!