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Free Book for Highlands Members

Are you looking for a new book to use in your small group? Have you been praying about what kind of group to lead this semester?

Are you looking for a God encounter?

We thought we would give you a chance to check out our newest release for free!

Speaking in Tongues: Enjoying Intimacy With God Through Tongues and Interpretation takes the stigma and confusion out of the dual gifts of tongues and interpretation. Here is what early readers are saying:

“Different and extremely refreshing… This is a book on having a deep relationship with God. I really loved the intimacy with the Holy Spirit described throughout the book.” – John C., advance reader and Church of the Highlands member, Tuscaloosa Campus

“This book has really reignited my passion to operate in this awesome grace-gift. Especially, praying and seeking God for the interpretation…I concur that this gift is not emphasized enough in the Body of Christ.” – Robert D., advance reader and church plant pastor who is applying with ARC

“A ton of clarity and confirmation have come [from reading this book].” – Pete B., advance reader and Church of the Highlands member, Tuscaloosa Campus

“Actually seeing written examples of interpretations was mind blowing for me. The Holy Spirit TRULY prays on our behalf for things that concern us personally, the needs of others, and [He also] offers deep intimate worship for our God….using OUR mouth. I want the gift of interpretation now.” – SJ, advance reader

“I have begun to practice speaking in tongues but I was not sure if my language was forced by me or if it was really coming from the Holy Spirit. I thought my words should sound like something that made some kind of sense but they did not. I thought my words should not be so repetitive and more than just a few syllables but they were not. I’ve have not completed my reading yet but so far this book has given me a much greater insight into speaking in tongues than I have ever gotten on my own or from others who were either against it or for it.” – Barbara M., advance reader

How To Get The Free Book:

If you are a Church of the Highlands member who is interested to learn more about tongues and interpretation, and possibly lead a small group about it, please click here to get your free copy!

There is no obligation. Called Writers Christian Publishing is owned by a husband and wife who are active Highlands members, and we simply wanted to offer a free gift.

More Information:

The paperback version of Speaking in Tongues is available for purchase on Amazon. The eBook is available for pre-order now and will be released on February 2nd, just in time for our small group semester!

This page on Speaking in Tongues also has short answers to many common questions.

There is a PDF excerpt of Speaking in Tongues which can be freely shared with others. The PDF excerpt contains some interesting stories about things that happened in Highlands small groups, Freedom Conference, etc.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, in Jesus’ name, amen!

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