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Rob Schneider Wants to Help You Grow Your Church!

Are you a pastor looking to grow your church? Have you tried all of the latest strategies, but you’re still not reaching people in your community the way you hoped?

You’re not alone. We’ve all seen the numbers. According to Gallup, church membership in America fell from 70% in the year 2000 to 47% in 2020—an all-time low.

There are so many pastors out there just like you, who have all prayed and asked God to send help. To send an answer for this problem.

Be encouraged—we believe God has answered!

A Simple, Fun, and Divinely-Inspired Strategy for Growing Your Church

About four years ago, David McPherson, a successful businessman with a background in data-driven research began to pray about how he could help churches grow. Putting his skills to work, he built a team of research professionals to study what kinds of things might cause the lost and unchurched to actually step foot into a church building.

The number one opportunity David uncovered through his research: Most people would come to a church to watch a new movie premiere!

This was no surprise to David. He had been saved in 2006 through a church movie night event. After reflecting on the finding, he realized he had experienced this exact phenomenon. Even though he had no interest in church itself, a movie event invitation felt very non-threatening and safe to attend.

So now David had a concept. Just an unpolished idea really. Next he began to study what kinds of scripts and stories people would most likely come to a church to see. He began to study in detail every aspect of movies that were most likely to get “butts in seats” at a church.

God Moves to Bring the Idea to Life

One of the areas David studied was which actors people would most likely come to see for different types of movie night events. One particular study came in with Rob Schneider’s name at the top.

Right in the middle of uncovering this information, David got a phone call from a friend. His friend explained, “David, I know you’re working on something unique in the movie business. A very famous actor called me and he’s interested in learning more about Christianity. I told him about you, and he wants to talk to you.”

The actor in question?

You guessed it…

Rob Schneider!

David went to meet him that same day. They sat and talked for hours. Rob gave his life to Jesus, and from that time on, David and Rob began to explore the concept of movie events at churches.

David McPherson and Rob Schneider filming a recent interview

Rob had a vision for a family movie called Daddy Daughter Trip. His idea was to create a film that would simultaneously entertain and encourage closeness among families. David had a vision for theater quality movies that would be released directly to churches—both as a tool for church growth, and as a way to fundamentally transform the movie industry for the better.

The New Strategy for Church Growth

The two combined their visions, and now here we are, with Movie Night Ministries bringing new movies directly to churches for the purpose of blessing their communities and growing their congregations. The first movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, starring Rob Schneider in the lead role, is available now for you to show at your church.

It’s easy to see how a free movie event will attract newcomers to your church, but you might be wondering about how you can retain all of those new visitors. There are several key components to making your Movie Night event a success.

When a lost or unchurched person comes into a church building and experiences friendly smiles, welcoming faces, people who love one another—and quite simply, the joy of the Lord—they are experiencing something that they have never experienced anywhere else.

They don’t get that at work where everyone is focused on tasks. They don’t get it at the grocery store where everyone is practically running over each other. It doesn’t happen at the gym where everyone is wearing earbuds.

What they experience at your church is simply a couple of hours with a loving community—one where the Spirit of God is present in the people.

And without necessarily understanding why, they will want to come back.

Sharing the Gospel at Your Movie Night Event

Most importantly, the Movie Night Ministries experience is designed to allow you and your staff to facilitate an easy transition from the movie straight into a salvation invitation, and then an opportunity for visitors to connect with your church, receive prayer, and learn how they can take next steps.

The church release version of the movie will contain video clips at the end with Rob sharing his personal testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ, as well as clear statements of the gospel. This affords you, the pastor, a perfect opportunity to create a moment where newcomers can connect with God and receive Christ as their Savior.

Then you’ll be growing your church the best way—by reaching lost people and winning souls for God’s kingdom!

The Church Growth Vision Is Now a Reality

Overall this solution is designed to be pretty simple, easy, and fun for Movie Night church partners to implement. But there are a few things you can do to help ensure you maximize the impact you can have in your community. Please click here for a guide that will help you maximize the impact of your movie night event with Rob Schneider.

The number one goal is to help you see your church membership experience healthy and steady growth by reaching the millions of lost and unchurched souls in America. People who are practically crying out for community, connection, and a place where they feel welcome.

And this is not just a one-time thing. David, Rob, and many others have put a tremendous amount of resources into making this strategy a long-term reality. Major churches and ministries are getting behind this. Large corporations are ready to pour millions of production, marketing, and promotional dollars into supporting the effort. The direct-to-church release model has potential to bring massive, highly positive changes to the movie industry as a whole.

But it all hinges on this first movie. Together, we can make this a reality. We can utilize movies to spread the Gospel, grow churches, and win souls for God’s Kingdom!

***Photo attribution: For Rob Schneider face used in above graphic, the original image by Super Festivals on Flickr

Chris McKinney