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Church Movie Night with Rob Schneider — Maximize Your Impact

Your church movie night with Rob Schneider and his new movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, is a tool to help grow your church. The concept is simple. When lost and unchurched people come to your church, connect with your community, connect with God, or simply have a positive experience, they are much more likely to come back for a Sunday service.

However, for a first-time visit, lost and unchurched people are much more likely to come to a church when invited there to watch a new movie premiere versus being invited to a regular Sunday service.

The Joy of the Lord

When a lost or unchurched person comes into a church building and experiences friendly smiles, welcoming faces, people who love one another—and quite simply, the joy of the Lord—they are experiencing something that they have never experienced anywhere else.

They don’t get that at work where everyone is focused on tasks. They don’t get it at the grocery store where people are running right past each other. It doesn’t happen at the gym where everyone is wearing earbuds.

What they experience at your church is simply a couple of hours with a loving community—one where the Spirit of God is present in the people.

And without even understanding why, they will want to come back.

In fact, they will find themselves thinking about it as they go through their week. Thoughts like, “I don’t know about the God stuff, but I really liked hanging out at that church,” and “I felt so good when I left there” or “I liked that church. It was different from what I remember about churches growing up,” or “That church felt so welcoming,” or “The people there seemed so happy,” will resonate through their minds. The more positive experiences they have there, the more they will be drawn back over and over.

Creating a Salvation Moment at Your Church Movie Night Event

It’s ultimately up to each individual church how they want to structure their event. But we believe an effective method will be to tell everyone before the movie starts that there is some very brief bonus material that will come up once the end screen hits and the credits begin to roll. Mention that it’s only a few minutes long, and you’d love everyone to stay seated for that part.

The bonus material will allow for a smooth transition into a salvation invitation. Here’s what that might look like, using our first movie, Daddy Daughter Trip, as an example.

Once the end screen hits, a video clip of Rob Schneider sharing a brief gospel message and his testimony will come up on the screen. Let everyone watch the clips of his testimony, fade to black, and then turn on the lights with the pastor standing at the front.

Gospel Message

The pastor could say something like:

Maybe you’re here tonight and you’re just like Rob was several years ago. He had been caught up in the world and had forgotten about God. Maybe you’re feeling unhappy and you don’t know why. Or maybe you’re feeling hopeless. Maybe you feel like there’s no ultimate meaning or purpose in life. The good news is, there’s a God who loves you and wants to have a relationship with you.

People are often afraid of God because He’s been misrepresented. Sometimes people think God is angry at them. But He’s not. He’s not angry with you.

God is a loving Father who created you, and what He really wants more than anything is just to be with you. He wants to talk with you and be involved in your life. He wants you to be part of His family. That’s why He sent His Son, Jesus, to take the penalty for our sins. Just like Rob talked about in that clip, Jesus made a sacrifice—He died so that you and I could live for all of eternity.

And listen, Heaven is going to be fun! It’s not going to be some boring place. Jesus said that for the people who come into God’s family, the first thing we’re going to do is have a huge party! We’re not going to be like fat babies floating around on clouds. We’re going to eat and drink and dance and celebrate together. This is what God wants. He’s building His family—one that’s going to last for all eternity. And He wants you to be in it.

Then the pastor could continue with a salvation invitation.

Salvation Invitation

The way to join His family is just to pray a simple prayer of faith to Him. I’m going to lead us in prayer in just a moment to do that. No one is going to embarrass anyone. You don’t have to stand up or come up here to the front or anything like that. It’s just a moment between you and God.

All heads down and eyes closed, if you want to become a follower of Jesus and be in God’s family for all eternity, just pray this prayer right now:

Lord, I confess that I have done wrong things in my life, just like every human being who ever lived. I understand that Your Son, Jesus Christ, died on a cross as a way to pay the penalty for the things I’ve done wrong. Please forgive me for all of my sins. I put my faith in Jesus for my salvation and I give my life to you, God.

Heads are still down, and eyes are still closed . . . If you prayed that prayer just now, could you just slip up your hand real quick? No one’s looking around. No one’s going to come and bother you. We just want to celebrate with everyone who prayed that prayer just now and joined God’s family. Thank you. I see those hands going up . . .

Invitation to Connect and Take Next Steps with Your Church

Right after the salvation prayer, the pastor could end the auditorium gathering by making this type of announcement:

We’re going to get everyone out of here in just a moment, but give me two more minutes to go over a few things real quick and then we’ll go. First, we’re so glad you came tonight. We’re all about community here. We’re all about connection. We’re all about loving on people and getting to know people. So maybe you’re here tonight and you just want to talk to someone about things going on in your life. We have a few stations in the lobby set up where people are waiting to talk. Look for our connection station if you’re wanting to talk or wanting to know more about our church or how you can become a member. Basically, any questions you have, they’re available to answer them.

Also, if you’re here tonight, and you have a particular prayer need, we want to come alongside you and minister to you. We want to stand beside you through the difficulties you’re facing. We have some prayer stations set up around the lobby as well. So if you’re dealing with sickness or financial struggle or maybe a family member isn’t doing so well and you want one of our prayer team to pray with you, they’re available out there to pray with you.

And last, maybe you just enjoyed coming and hanging out. That’s fine too. We’ll be having many more movie nights. Our plan is to do one of these every month. Besides that, you’re always welcome for our Sunday services, which happen every Sunday at ____ and ______. We’d love to see you there! Good night everyone, and have a great week!

Other Keys for Success with Your Church Movie Night with Rob Schneider

1) Prayer

You need God’s blessing, anointing, and presence to be all over this from start to finish. How do you do that? It starts with prayer. Have your most fierce prayer warriors start praying over this event as soon as you can. In the days or weeks leading up to the event, have them asking God to send out laborers into His harvest, and to bless the event and make it successful.

2) Invitations

Ask your church members to personally invite a certain number of people to the event (you decide the number but make it realistic and achievable). Invitation cards with the date, time, and location can definitely help facilitate this.

Remember to have your intercessors covering each specific aspect of your efforts with specific prayer requests. For example, ask God to give your church members opportunities to invite people to this event everywhere they go. Ask God to give them courage, comfort, and confidence to make the invitations. Strategize and be intentional about your prayer efforts!

3) Greet Everyone With Joy

Have your most fun, joyful, and outgoing church members standing right outside of the entrance. As people walk up, they should each be greeted with smiling faces, joyful attitudes, handshakes, fist bumps, or high fives, and words of welcome and encouragement. “Welcome to One Hope Church! We’re so happy you’re here! Come on inside!”

Have as many people as possible doing this at each point along the visitor’s path, for example, the parking lot, the outer doors, the people giving out snacks/popcorn/drinks, the doors to the sanctuary/auditorium, etc. All filled with smiling, welcoming faces who are excited that God is bringing the lost and unchurched into your church!

4) Snacks

Your church sign and invites could read something like, “Snacks served starting at 6:00 pm. Movie starts at 6:20.” That way, people have time to come in and absorb the Spirit-filled atmosphere, the friendly faces, and the joy-filled spirits of the people. You might have joyful music playing through speakers in the background, and friendly faces passing out popcorn and sodas. Again, big smiles and great attitudes. Ideally, you want people whose giftings match the role they are in (Romans 12:6-8).

5) Cover the Entire Event in Prayer

Have some intercessors in a back room somewhere covering the entire event in prayer from start to finish. Pray God’s protection, blessing, and anointing on everyone serving. Ask that He would remove all obstacles, hindrances, and attacks that might try to keep the people away. Pray that God would help every church member smile and display the joy of the Lord, even when they may not feel like it. Pray that the lost and unchurched people would experience the joy of the Lord. That they would feel His presence and they would want more.

Remember, this is all about winning souls and spreading the gospel. It’s not just an event for existing church members to have a great time. It’s a fun event, but it’s ultimately about reaching a lost and dying world.

6) Consider This a Long-Term Strategy

People will tend to come back to your church over time, and the crowds will continue to grow larger. Continue to do the movie nights. Keep practicing these principles each time your doors are open. Continue to commit to prayer for church growth. Have your intercessors praying for the lost to be saved during each Sunday service. Continue to show people welcoming, smiling faces every time they walk in the door. Continue to share the joy of the Lord with everyone who comes through your doors.

People will come back, and they’ll keep coming back and hearing the gospel. And when the time is right for each specific individual, the Father will send the Holy Spirit to draw them to Jesus, and they’ll be saved. When you continue to practice these principles, your church will be growing the way churches are meant to grow—by reaching the lost and the hurting, and winning souls for the kingdom!

Chris McKinney

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