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When the Lord Restores Your Fortunes

Have you been waiting on God for a long time? Are you wondering whether the God of the Bible is a God of restoration?

If you are going through a painful time of waiting, be encouraged. The moment of restoration is coming for you, and when it gets here, it’s going to be incredibly sweet. You’re going to feel like you’re living in a dream!

Our Story of Restoration After Years of Waiting on God

Recently, we had an experience of the Lord restoring our fortunes. We’ve spent the last eight years living in a 2-bedroom, 1200 square foot apartment. It was reasonably nice, but it was very cramped for our family of five.

There was really nowhere on the property for the kids to play outside. So for years, we just went to the many parks that surrounded the area whenever we wanted to be outdoors.

Inside, I worked from a desk that was right next to my bed. That’s not ideal for someone who has a tendency to work anytime the mood hits—whether that’s 8 pm or 4 am, and everything in between. Inspiration comes when it comes, and a creative person has to strike while the iron’s hot. That was the source of significant frustration for my wife over the years.

She had a demanding career and needed to sleep whenever family life would let her. Besides all of that, there was the feeling that we were all on top of each other all the time. There was nowhere to go for privacy in the apartment. Pretty much every part of the apartment was a common area, at least most of the time.

Dealing with Blockages

The Lord blessed us financially in many ways over the years. But we wanted to stay in the school zone we were in, and we were not willing to compromise on that. The houses are much more expensive in this school zone. Besides that, there just seemed to be something blocking our progress. Every time we wanted to get a house, something seemed to get in the way.

But last year, the Lord revealed to me what the root of the problem was, and we took steps of obedience to break off this lingering hindrance that was operating in our lives. Ever since that time, things have turned.

The Season of Waiting

We, of course, learned to make the best of everything, and life was very good for us over the last 8 years. But, we earnestly sought the Lord for restoration of things that had been lost.

You see, for those last 8 years, we had been in the last three verses of Psalm 126:

Restore our fortunes, Lord,

    like streams in the Negev.

Those who sow with tears

    will reap with songs of joy.

Those who go out weeping,

    carrying seed to sow,

will return with songs of joy,

    carrying sheaves with them.

It all started back in 2009, when we lost everything. It was the height of the economic crisis, and I was the sole breadwinner for our family, working in the field of investment management.

We went from riches to rags, so to speak. From having nice things and nice income to having pretty much nothing.

God used that situation to get our hearts and minds turned back to Him, starting with me and then a short time later with my wife. So for the last 8-9 years, we’ve walked as closely with Him as we could.

During that time, we also sought the Lord earnestly for restoration, and He has now answered.

The Moment of Restoration

As I write this, we’ve just gotten settled into our new house. It’s very hard for me to describe the joy that has flooded into our lives during this moment of restoration. All I can say is that the first verse of Psalm 126 describes it perfectly: We feel like we’re living in a dream.

God answered many specific prayers that we’ve prayed over the years. Things like a nice, large office for me to work in. Thick carpet and pad, because my wife has a problem with her foot.

A huge room for my teenage son because he spent the last 6 years sharing a small bedroom with his brothers. A large, two-car garage. High ceilings. We’re right down the road from our church, and really nice shopping areas. And of course, we’re in the school zone we wanted. The list of things we asked for and saw God provide is actually pretty long.

Moving was its own challenge, but after we got everything moved in and got the kitchen and bathrooms in order, it was finally time to relax a little. Our backyard is huge, and totally flat, perfect for games of whiffle ball and backyard football. The previous owners even left a free trampoline for our kids.

Overflowing with Joy

So we went outside and spread out a blanket and just laid there in the sun. There was so much joy and contentment in our hearts. We were almost drunk with laughter. I looked at my wife and joked, “What’s wrong with all these other people? Why aren’t they outside laying in their backyards?”

We laughed and laughed and laughed. At one point, I might have done the snow angel motion and said, “Backyard angels… making memories…”

It was surreal.

We walked the neighborhood, and there are kids playing everywhere. It seems like every other house has a trampoline or a playground in the back. The neighborhood is surrounded by woods with trails and a beautiful creek.

It really is perfect—or at least the earthly version of “perfect” for us.

There has been tons of work, and the house itself came through much strain and difficulty. But when we finally got here, we were like those that dream. Our mouths were filled with laughter, and we are filled with joy.

Be Encouraged: Waiting on God Does Not Last Forever!

If you are waiting on God for restoration, be encouraged. Be strengthened today. Your restoration is going to come, and when it does, you’ll be pinching yourself to see if you’re actually awake!

If you are desperate for a breakthrough right now, just talk to the Lord about your heart’s desire for yourself and your loved ones. Reason with Him. He’s a good and loving Father. He will listen.

And He will answer you.

If you believe you might have something external blocking your blessings, please read this article about receiving breakthrough.

Chris McKinney