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In Days of Famine, God’s People Will Enjoy Plenty

This is a right now word of provision for many people in this season. It’s natural to worry. But none of us can improve our situation through worry. Jesus tells us, “Do not worry,” because worry is actually destructive.

If you’ve never gone through economic hardship, it can seem very frightening. It’s incredibly uncomfortable. It challenges our faith. It can cause us to panic, and to live with constant anxiety or fear.

But we don’t have to live that way.


Because all the promises of God are yes and amen in Jesus Christ. One promise in His word is that during times of famine, God’s people will actually enjoy plenty. My wife and I have experienced this in dramatic ways.

Years ago, at the height of the great recession, we lost everything. For years after that, we struggled through a terrible economy, unemployment, and other problems.

But at some point, we began to put our trust in the Lord. We turned our lives over to him, and we began walking in His ways. From that time on, even when we couldn’t pay all of our debts and such, we still had more than enough to cover our basic needs.

Never once did we lack food, clothing, or shelter. In fact, one way or another, we always had more than enough of those things.

But God’s goodness didn’t stop there. During those years of economic hardship, God actually gave us five free vacations.

One of them was an all-expense-paid trip to Cancun that my wife won by being awesome at her job. Flight, food, resort—everything was covered. Other free vacations came through people inviting us to come along on their vacations.

Yet another free vacation came through a temporary job that I was working. The owner of the company just one day decided to give me ‘bonus’ money and told me I had to use it to take my family on a vacation.

We were considering declaring bankruptcy at that time.

Praise God, because of His goodness, we never did have to declare bankruptcy. Instead, as we learned more and more to walk in God’s ways, He continued to give us more and more financially. Through His provision, we paid off those old debts that we had previously struggled to pay.

The point today is that during the economic uncertainty we are facing as a nation, God’s people have no need to worry. God already has a plan of provision in place for all of us. If we look to Him, we will lack nothing.

We might even enjoy a few luxuries along the way, because our God is good. He’s a great provider, and a generous giver.

And He loves us.

Chris McKinney