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Healed of Cancer

Craig Davis has written an inspirational new book called Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer. In the book, Craig describes his experiences fighting cancer over a nine-year period. He went through extensive medical treatments for brain cancer, including surgery to remove tumors and various other procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and proton therapy. Craig was also miraculously healed of cancer on one occasion when the Holy Spirit prompted him to get on a plane and fly to a church that was 2,000 miles away from his home—a church where he had never been and didn’t know anyone!

I had the privilege to work with Craig on this book.

I also had the sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes joyous privilege of following Craig’s journey as he and his family walked it out on Facebook. The book essentially tells Craig’s story in a way that allows the reader to feel like they are walking through it with him.

As we watched Craig and his family walk out these battles, I recall telling my wife many times, “I don’t see how they don’t just give up.” But they never gave up. Instead, I’d see over and over a resolve to keep fighting, no matter what. I’d see a resolve to never give up.

Craig Davis Facebook Update From July 2016

I wondered what made Craig and Casey keep fighting the way they did, and concluded that it could only be through God’s power.

Craig does not preach. He makes no attempt to instruct readers on which cancer treatments to pursue or even how to apply their faith. In fact, the few places where you see him explicitly verbalize and impart some particular lesson to readers were a product of my nudging and prodding.

Craig’s heart from the very beginning, and all the way through, was to simply share his story as a way to encourage readers. My hope is that you will be encouraged to do what he did: resolve to never give up, no matter how hopeless the situation appears and how fierce the battle rages. Keep believing that God always loves you deeply, is always for you, and that He is your healer.

Watching this real-life drama unfold helped me in my walk many times. I was also going through something very painful, and many times I wanted to give up. My particular battle had raged for years, and I desperately wanted for it to be over. But many times when I felt this way, Craig and Casey would come to my mind and I would think, “I bet they’d love for their battle to be over too, but they keep on fighting. If they’re not giving up, I’m not giving up.”

I pray they encourage and strengthen you the way they have me.

Never Give Up Hope: Waging War With Cancer is available now on Amazon at the following links:

Click here for the eBook

Click here for the paperback

Chris McKinney

One thought on “Healed of Cancer

  1. This is an awesome testament of what God can do!!! It is such a blessing to me to see Craig on many occasions in small groups giving testimony or even in church service praising God!! Being a survivor myself I know we have to Stand on our faith in God to keep us strong!!
    I do believe this book will be a blessing to many!! God Bless you Craig and thanks Chris for giving Craig the nudging..


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