The Season Of Waiting

Called To Write Dream Series Part 2: The Season of Waiting

By deBrandon Willis

After completing the test, I proceeded to a waiting area where I met up with my wife. It seemed to me my chances of getting the job were favorable due to the fact that I made it this far. It also seemed as if I was going through this testing process as a formality—as if everything was being initiated for a greater purpose. However, I was still concerned about the results.

After a while, the lady who had administered the test called us to the back. As we sat down, the lady began to talk and somehow, we got on the subject of her daughter. She told us that her daughter was on a plane, possibly a private jet, headed back home with a man that had been trying to force himself on her. This man, who I believe was responsible for her on this plane, was still being allowed to be around her. The daughter I believe was somewhere around fifteen years in age with long black hair; about 5’5”, 130 pounds.

As we continued to talk, my wife and I were somewhat confused. We wondered why she would let this happen. As the woman was explaining this, she seemed to be reluctant. She knew that this was foolishness.

The dream continued, and I believe we had finished talking with this woman or just moved on within the conversation. However, the dream transitioned before we heard the results.


Application Part 2

By Chris McKinney

After we go through a test, we won’t always get an immediate result. Sometimes, God calls us to step out in faith and do a hard thing. Then, it will seem like nothing happens for a while. The experience can often feel very anti-climactic. However, we know God hasn’t missed anything. Rather, He gives us a chance to listen to and help others while we wait. We are often asked to help people who don’t seem to want to help themselves. They may even do things that are destructive as we are trying to help them. It can feel for a time like our efforts are fruitless. This is actually another type of test—the kind that we don’t recognize as being a test.

What you’ve just read was the second part in a series. Please click here to see Part 1 of the Called To Write Dream Series

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