The Odds Are In Your Favor

Called To Write Dream Series Part 1: The Odds Are In Your Favor 

By deBrandon Willis

I arrived at a gated entrance to what looked to be an abandoned worksite. If not for my headlights, I wouldn’t have been able to see much at all. Upon exiting the vehicle, the gate slid open, and I walked through the entrance, into a courtyard surrounded by wooden cabins.

Photo by William Daigneault on Unsplash

I proceeded into a building which consisted of old fold-out tables, concrete floors, and fluorescent lighting. As I entered the building, I was led to a table on which sat a computer monitor. This computer looked to be from the early 90’s.

I had to take a test on this computer. This test would determine whether I would be hired for a particular job. The test didn’t last long. It consisted of maybe five multiple choice questions, some for which you could choose multiple answers. However, the questions were unreasonably timed, and the computer screen was cloudy. This made it almost impossible to choose the correct answer.

Application Part 1

By Chris McKinney

When we go through a season of testing, we will often experience confusion (2 Corinthians 4:8-9). We have an enemy that does not fight fair. Often, we will feel like the test is rigged for us to fail. But, while the enemy may play a part in the testing, he has no part in grading the test. Your Dad is the one grading the test. He’s looking at your heart, not your performance (Luke 22:60-62, John 21:15-17).

More to Come

What you’ve just read is the first part of a series. The series is based on a single dream deBrandon Willis had. When Chris McKinney read about the dream, he recognized a possible application for people who are moving into their calling.

We hope the Lord will use this “Called To Write Dream Series” to speak to individuals and Christian writing groups as you discover your purpose and journey toward your calling. Hopefully, you can recognize yourself or your group in one of the different phases and be encouraged that God is at work. It could also help you anticipate the types of challenges that may arise.

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